Over 250 health care professionals and specialists from Civil Registration Offices have been trained by the project in DHIS2 utilisation.

The project has carefully selected the professionals, who will work with the DHIS2 system in the future. The lists of participants have been discussed with the heads of regional and city health departments and hospital directors. Special emphasis has been placed on the motivation of specialists and their willingness to work in the position of statisticians in the future. Training sessions provided excellent opportunities for system testing. The participants informed the project specialists about the encountered problems, and these problems were corrected. All training activities included testing of knowledge before and after training. On average, the knowledge of participants has improved by 50%. 

Unfortunately, the monitoring of project activities as of September, has demonstrated that more than half of trained specialists have left their positions in Dushanbe city. In wake of this, the project specialists decided to organise on-the-job training for new specialists. This activity will require additional resources.