Round Tables

Several round tables have been organised for representatives of khukumats, departments of Civil Registration offices, health care system managers, and the agency of statistics under president of the Republic of Tajikistan 

A number of round table discussions has been organised in April-May 2014 in all districts of the country for more than 250 representatives of Khukumats, Departments of Civil Registration Offices, Health Care System Managers, and the Agency on Statistics under President of the Republic of Tajikistan. The participants discussed the most important issues, related to project implementation at regional level. Five representatives from each district were invited to participate in the roundtable discussion. The directors of Hospitals and Health Centres, the representatives of Civil Registration Offices, Khukumats and Agency of Statistics had the opportunity to exchange their experience and opinions on improvement of registration of vital statistics. The information about the project implementation has been presented by the project’s experts.

This discussion with the specialists, held at their working places, has been very important for planning and successful project implementation. The possibilities of collaboration with the Khukumats have been actively discussed, due to the fact that jamoats register four acts of civil state: birth, death, marriage, and filiation.  

Many of the participants have received for the first time the detailed information about the project and were interested to collaborate. One of the proposed options was the development of the offline DHIS2 version for the jamoats and districts, where connections to the server could not be established for various reasons. 

The informational round tables have been conducted in parallel with the distribution of equipment for connecting to the DHIS2 system. 

The round table in the Rasht district has been attended by Ms. Veronique Geoffroy, the Programme Manager Attache of the European Union Delegation to Tajikistan.