on 21 July 2015
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Dear Mr. Deputy Minister, 

You are the key person in the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population for the issues of electronic systems in the healthcare and in particular for the EU funded project "Technical Assistance to Support the Strengthening of the Health Information System in Tajikistan". Could you please say several words of your role and main tasks? 

The project assisted us a lot and contributed greatly in the development of the Health Information System in Tajikistan designed to meet our requirements and needs.  Up till nowadays we used paper based information collection means for our reporting needs and now we are at the transition stage from paper to computer and digital versions of documents. In other words, now for sending information from the remote district to the centre only one thing is necessary,  to have the connection to the information system DHIS2 and access to internet, and information becomes instantly available online for the decision makers and healthcare managers.

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on 20 July 2015
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Ion, I heard from various people that the information system is somewhat unique. Can you please tell our readers what is unique in the system?

Some signs of uniqueness probably the system really has. The thing is that till nowadays the DHIS2 system has never been used for such a complicated statistical system as in Tajikistan. The challenge is not in the population size of the country or in the volume of data entered but in the number and complexity of forms, tables, data elements that are to be entered. According to our calculations, it is necessary to enter up to 40-50 thousands of statistical values. As an example let’s take the experience of other countries where only about hundred or two hundred values are entered and that means those ones are hundred times simpler. It became clear for us that in case the standard system DHIS2 is used for simple statistical systems it works well. But when it is used for sophisticated statistical systems as in Tajikistan then the system discloses its narrow places. I even would not call it drawbacks, DHIS as the system was not initially designed for such a big volume.   

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on 12 February 2015
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Can you please comment on how the project started within the Civil Registration Office and if something has been changed for the time you are working together with the project team.  

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