Study tour to Moldova

on 18 January 2016
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The project "Technical assistance to support the strengthening of the health information system in Tajikistan", financed by the European Union, in cooperation with the UNDP project "Rule of Law and Access to Justice" organized a study visit to Moldova for 12 specialists of Civil Registration Offices and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan. The trip took place under the leadership of the Deputy Minister of Justice, Ms. Shahnoza Anvar Nodiry. 

One of the goals of the project is to consolidate the statistical data collected by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population (MHSPP) and statistical data collected from other sources - Civil Registration Offices, the Agency for Statistics under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as vertical programs, for more effective management. For this purpose, the DHIS2 system is implemented in health care institutions and Civil Registration Offices.

The participants of the trip visited the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, thMoldova Toure Civil Registration Service, the Center for Special Telecommunications and the Public Administration Academy under the President of the Republic of Moldova. Particular attention was paid to the experience in civil registration: reform of legislation and organization of the service, information systems, peculiarities of computerization and registration, the interaction between the various agencies for generating correct statistical data and developing a national population register. Attention was also paid to the development and implementation of information systems, their optimization, sustainability and further reforms.

"This was my first official trip outside the Republic of Tajikistan. This trip really broadened my professional horizons. At present, in close cooperation with other members of our team, we actively introduce all novelties and innovations, which I was fortunate to learn in the process of studying the working methods of the Registry Office Botanica in Chisinau city and the Moldovan Civil Registration Service. The employees of the CRO Service of the Republic of Moldova were happy to share with us all the details ofMoldova Tour their work. I would like to express my special gratefulness to the project for the constant support provided to us in the process of the information system implementation at the Civil Registration Offices. Especially I would like to mention the contribution of the project manager, Elena Maximenco, to the organization of the study trip. This trip was possible due to her professionalism, diligence and optimism and we were able to get acquainted with the positive experience in carrying out the reforms at the Civil Registration Office of the Republic of MoldovaMoldova Tour. I wish the project success and a possible continuation, "- said a participant of the study tour, Ms. Dostieva S.G., Head of the Firdavsi District Civil Registration Office in Dushanbe.  

«Speaking about the main components of the Moldovan experience, firstly, it should be noted, that it started at the government level with the correct mathematical formulation of problems, such as the introduction of a unique identification number of the citizen. This number is required, in addition to its direct purpose, for linking all data about a person from different sources and agencies, as well as for their analysis and integrated use.  All statistical data, including birth and death, belong to a specific person and can be generalized. This mathematical model is at the basis of the National Population Register. This register is the core of the system and is used by all government agencies, including the Civil registration Office, " – said Mr. Ion Stanciu, project expert.